Before migrating to the United States, Dora Isaac Weithers taught school in the Caribbean, where she grew up and obtained her early education.  In the United States, she studied Christian Counseling and conducted seminars in family life, womanhood issues, and the purity lifestyle.  She is the mother of two adult children who were born within a twenty-year marriage.  Presently, her chief priority is being a grandmother to two precious preschool angels, a girl, and boy. Writing is her second most important commitment and passion. One of her greatest blessings is a happy childhood overseen by the two saints God appointed to be her grandmothers.  These older women helped her teenage mother learn the basics of parenting, and they also made sure that their granddaughter received all the love and material necessities she deserved.  Her life has been forever impacted by the fortitude of her mother and grandmothers. Ms. Dora strives to offer her grandchildren no less than the happy, empowering grandmother-grandchild relationship that she enjoyed as a child.  She is excited about the Real Black Grandmothers project and looks forward to sharing her experience through this column, as well as learning from other grandmothers who are also anxious to share.