Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s grandmother played a significant role in his life despite her death while he was just a teenager. He raps a verse from the perspective of his grandmother in his 2015 song, ”Institutionalized” in the chorus, stating, “shit don’t change until you get up and wash yo’ ass!”  With this, he reminisces on how his grandmother’s brashness kept him in check throughout his formative years. While it is not explicitly clear, the line basically equates to nothing changes until you personally make a change. Lamar adds in a Complex interview that his faith guided him through his childhood. He states, “I was raised Catholic with super religious grandparents in a bad neighborhood where I did dirt, not really caring for church at all, yet still keeping the faith that I would one day escape my environment.” He credits his grandmother with providing a sense of guidance as he navigated the streets of Compton during his younger days.