My heartbeat quickened when I heard that my grandson would arrive on or close to my birthday in early April. Too excited to wait, I began my conversation with him a few weeks early. Here are five promises I made to my unborn grandson.

My Five Promises

You Have A Special Place in My Heart

I Will Always Love You

I Accept You as God’s Gift to Me

I Am Committed to Your Happiness

I Am Praying for Your Safe Arrival

Promise Number One

You Have A Special Place in My Heart

For twenty years friends, relatives and strangers have asked me, “No grandchildren yet?”

My answer was, “I cannot make grandchildren.”

Now, I tell them even if they don’t ask. “I’ll be a grandmother, soon.”

You, my dearest, have a special place in my heart among other reasons because:

  • You are responsible for my grand promotion from mother to grandmother.
  • You are the first to grant me this honor.
  • You add to the reasons that your parents will be happy to have me around.
  • You offer me another chance to be refreshed by the innocence of a baby’s smile, the newness of a baby’s smell, and the satisfying warmth of a baby’s touch.
  • None of the above reasons can ever change.

Promise Number Two

I Will Always Love You

God loves me so much that He has given me, through you, a second chance at loving and nurturing a baby, which will feed my sense of productive womanhood.

God loves you so much that He has put inside my heart, a warm and fuzzy blanket made from love and care for your well-being.

I’d like for you to call me Grandma. Of course, I’m telling you what I will like to be called, before you can interrupt me. However, if when you begin to speak, you create your own name for me, I will love whatever the word is, just because you say it. Grandmother by any name you choose will be music to my ears.

Whatever you call me, I promise that we will spend time together, hug and cuddle, share stories and picture books, laugh out loud, count from one to ten and everything else old-fashioned Grandmas do.

Hopefully, I’ll keep up with you on your electronic gadgets, at least until you’re five; otherwise, you’ll teach Grandma what nobody else did, so you can enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours. No matter what you call me, I’ll hear Grandma, and I will always love you.

Promise Number Three

I Accept You As God’s Gift to Me

I thank God for you. He gave you to your parents and to me as an amazing expression of His love for our family. We accept you and value you as His unique gift to us.

You are His special gift to me, because He chose us for each other.

  • He chose my child to be your parent.
  • Part of His purpose in keeping me alive, is to grant me the opportunity to enjoy you.

Because you are His gift to me, I am determined to follow His counsel concerning how I should influence your life. I will pass on to you all the wisdom I have learned from Him. I will share with you all the goodness I have seen Him do. I will entrust you to Him daily for His blessings.

Promise Number Four

I Am Committed to Your Happiness

My promise to you is the same promise I made to your parents: to make your happiness my priority; and there’s nothing you can ever do to change that. I am committed to supporting your spiritual and emotional health; to doing whatever I can to help you maintain your joy.

You can count on my love always—to support your parent’s effort to bring you up “with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4 NLT); He promises joy and success to those who obey Him.

  • I will cheer you on when you make purposeful strides.
  • I will warn you if you seem to turn your head in the wrong direction.
  • I will comfort and encourage you when life confuses you.
  • I will help you discover and pursue God’s plan for your life—“plans . . . to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT).

Promise Number Five

I Am Praying for Your Safe Arrival

You can count on my prayers. I’m praying now that:

  • You will arrive in good health.
  • You will have a great capacity for wisdom and understanding.
  • Your love tank will be ready to receive all the love that God has given us for you.

Safe travel, and see you soon.

Grandma is anxious to receive you into her lap of love.