Barbara Taylor-Wells is the mother of two children, grandmother of two granddaughters, and wife of nearly 35 years. She has been a helpful person all of her life. Although her work experiences have varied, her passion for mentoring, tutoring, and counseling has been a thread throughout her personal and professional life. After getting her start in the fashion industry, she left for a position with a non-profit organization. Realizing that retail sales was a cutthroat business unsuited for her personality, Mrs. Wells accepted a position at a housing agency where she was able to teach underrepresented populations about what they needed to know and do to become first-time homeowners. This job allowed her to bring teaching, coaching, mentoring and counseling all into one job. From here, she ran for a public office position on the Board of Education (BOE). This position has allowed her to pursue a long-held value of providing a great public education to the community where she lives. She has remained on the BOE for 14 years—holding the position of Board President and Clerk twice. As the current Board President, Mrs. Wells manifests her mission to lift up all students and their achievements.  In an economy that is constantly evolving and ever-changing, Mrs. Wells has held a real estate license, and has been a certified housing counselor, and a licensed insurance agent. Now she is happy to add being a published writer via the Real Black Grandmother’s blog to her list of accomplishments.