Resilience is a belief in something bigger than you, in the world unseen, and in the spirit realm.

“As far as a God, I tell them that there is a God. I say there is something, someone who had to put all of this together. There is something or someone who blows the wind. There is something or someone who put the stars, the moon, the sun, in the sky. Man couldn’t do it. There is someone who put this ocean and makes the waves flow. Man cannot do this. These mountains, I live here in the desert, all around me are these beautiful mountains and there is different textures. On the east side, you have these brown, bushy mountains maybe on the west side of this valley you have these very rocky mountains with these big boulders and rocks and all of that. On this side, you may have grass. So, you know man didn’t do this. Man didn’t get out there and carve these mountains.”

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