Resilience is identifying and living your priorities.

“I learned something about the importance of living close to your children and your grandchildren and to make that relationship a priority in your life. It is very, very important because there are just moments that you can’t get back what happens to them and it is really important that you are there for their important moments. Or, if there is a situation where your child needs you even though your child is now an adult. But, you want to be present for them. Those are the things to me that are more important than anything, more important than any screenplay or movie or project or anything is my relationship with my daughter and my grandchildren. So, being a very ambitious and Type A personality I had to really think about that as I arranged the priorities in my life, how available I want to be for my daughter and my grandchildren. I realized I want to be very available and very accessible. So, I think that’s important.”

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