Resilience is understanding that love is the highest form of energy there is. Love is radical and revolutionary.

“Pat: I believe in God, but I don’t go for all that other stuff now. I just believe in God and having a personal relationship with God. God of the universe. Or the universe. Or just something, something I know is powerful, is great, is wonderful, but it’s not all that stuff they told me. “You’re going to hell for this. You’re going to hell for that.” We couldn’t wear pants growing up.

Sara: But I wonder how do you pass your beliefs, which you have cultivated over your life to your grandchildren?

Pat: Well, I have come up with this mantra or this motto that “It’s All About Love.”

Sara: I love it.

Pat: It’s all about love.

Sara: Yes it is.

Pat: If we can just base everything off of that I think anything we teach from the perspective of love is great. It’s great because it stops the judgment. I try to teach the grandkids just to love, to be kind. Not to be doormats, don’t be doormats. Don’t think you have to just lie down and let people walk all over you to be loving and kind. But to be open to people and to be kind, to be helpful and to be respectful and first to respect themselves, to be kind and to be good to themselves. That’s the main thing.”

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