Resilience is appreciating the small things, especially the contagious laughter of children.

Kelly’s association of the sound of laughter with being a grandmother reminds me of something that Nelson Mandela said about what he missed most while imprisoned—the laughter of children. Kelly shares, “The sound I most associate with my grandchildren or with being a grandmother is laughter. The sound of a baby’s/child’s voice and laugh is the best sound in the entire world. Sydnee and Lalah are older now so they speak very well. They tell me every time we speak that they want to get on a plane to come stay with me in Atlantica! Charli is 4 months old so watching her look at me and lock into my face and crack up laughing when I talk to her is the best feeling and sound EVER! She smiles when I sing to her. And Sydnee and Lalah now sing to me! Lalah actually thinks I’m singing on the new Jay Z album. It has a sample of Four Women by Nina Simone. I did a live rendition of that song for Black Girls Rock with Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosius and Ledisi, but Lalah wasn’t even born yet. For the life of me I don’t know HOW she knows to associate that song with me but she does. She argues with my son because he says that’s not Gigi and she insists Daddy, YES IT IS!!!”

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