“Equal in All Things”

One thing I remember about my grandmother, Virginia Gay (April 18, 1935-) is how it was always important to her to keep my brother and me “equal.” Since childhood, regardless of how small or big an issue, she made sure we were treated equal. We received equal attention. We even experienced equal consequences when we were in trouble—at least until a certain age. I remember the day I lost my first tooth. You know how the story goes right? You place the tooth under your pillow and then the tooth fairy will replace your tooth with a dollar bill. Well, my brother and I were so close and so “equal” that not only did the tooth fairy bring me a dollar, but also brought my brother a dollar! We would later learn that my grandmother broke a tooth off one of her old dentures and placed it under my brother’s pillow. Like I said, EQUAL!!!

Danielle Gay Photoshop